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What is "Color Design Solar Panel"

CDSP is an abbreviation of English "Color Design Solar Panel".solar panel has a function of absorb the solar light from sun and exchange this to energy. In addition, CDSP can express a color, a character, etc. on a panel.



On the blue solar panel (polycrystalline silicon type), the pattern is drawn with the white line.


Four CDSP (single-crystal-silicon type) are combined.It becomes possible to express a big figure, a character, etc. By setting two or more panels, and can use for a signboard, a doorplate, etc.


The manufacture process of a color design solar panel (CDSP) is fundamentally the same as the usual solar panel.

A different point from the manufacture process of the usual solar panel is in the process called the "antireflection film" of a manufacture process.

(* antireflection film is a coating film which reduces the reflection on a solar panel, and which makes the transmissivity of sunlight increase)

A color is made by changing time, temperature, etc. in the process in which an antireflection film is formed. and It is possible to form a design freely by inserting a design mask. (the patented)

By passing through such a process, the colorful solar panel which minimized decline in the conversion efficiency to electric energy is completed.
(When a design is printed and applied to the usual solar panel directly, it becomes impossible to change the portion into electric energy.

The whole conversion efficiency will fall sharply and the function as a solar cell will be lost.)


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