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DSP Board Series [Decoration Board]

CDSP board series [Decoration Board]

The color design solar panel not only could charge to battery, but also could be used as a decoration board or sign board in daytime. And it could be lighted up automatically and fantastically when it comes dark. We could customize the design, size and LED light specification for your company name or logo.By carrying RGB, LED can express various colors and illumination pattern.Electric construction is unnecessary because of an independent type. These are eco-goods which electric cost can also save.

Construction image figure
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Decoration Board
Decoration Board
Decoration Board
Decoration Board

Lighting of color change of a LED light can express illuminations.
You can use it for a store, an event, etc.


※Please cancel protection of security, when an animation does not project.


LED: White / Blue / RGB (multi-color)
Design: full-customizable
You can set this product aProduct price: 126,000 yen〜 (The price is 691Wx437Hx37Dmm size)
Replacement panel: 28,350 yen〜 (the price is 691Wx437Hx37Dmm size)

* About a bigger board than the above-mentioned size, We will estimate separately.
* An attachment tool and attachment construction are not included in a price.
* Design fee is not contained in the price.


Product spec

 Size  about 540mmW×310mmH×40mmD
 Solar Panel  Rated Voltage  6V
 Cell Type  Mono-Silicon
 Cell Efficency  〜 20%
 LED Light  Working Current  7mA
 Light On Voltage (Sunset)  0.5V
 Light Off Voltage (Sunrise)  0.7V
 Battery  Ni-MH Rechargable Battery
 Controller  Intelligent over-charge and over-discharge protection
 Lighting Meterial  Acrylic Light Guiding Board
 Body  Die-cast Aluminum
 LED Lighting time  〜 7 days
 without sunshine  *By the condition of full-charging and light 6 hours 1days, but the lighting time
  will be changed by different condition of weather or season
 Working Temperature  -10℃〜+40℃
 Safe Keeping Temperature  -20℃〜+70℃
 Accessory  User Manual and Guarantee Sheet
 Guaranteed Term  1 years
 Notes  1. Please wipe the acrylic light guiding Board with a soft cloth.
 2. Please avoid the use of organic volatile solvents such as thinner or benzine.
 3. Please remove the back case and exchange the Ni-MH rechargable battery
  when it could not light any more when the no-shine-days is continuting.

This spec is example of 6pcs cell.
For one decoration board, customizable cell size is from 6pcs to 12pcs.


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