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CDSP BIPV Series [BIPV Modules]

CDSP building materials series [BIPV Modules]

We can use CDSP-BIPV-MODULE as a part building materials for office building, school building or Skyscraper. CDSP-BIPV-MODULE is used a very large area on building surface, so much more electrical energy can be generated. As well, Temperature in side of building could not be rised very high because sun power is absorbed by CDSP.


Construction image figure

* Image picture is the MWA (Metal Wrap Around) Back Contact Modules that is under developments.

Although the spread of sunlight panels is progressing gradually, the product which our company offers is the solar panel which improved design nature.Supposing it is possible to express a picture and a character on a panel. for example, it takes in to a business complex or a factory, the logo and company name of a company can be advertized, and it is useful for the PR activities of a company. Moreover, various designs, such as a pattern, can be expressed according to the scene of a town. Since it provides to people being conscious of "showing", the installation to a different place from the existing concept is possible.Our company makes the installation area of a solar panel increase through the introduction to the surface of a wall of BIPV, and is wishing would like to contribute to global environment.


Product spec

 Process  Wafer  Single Si 6h  Multi Si 6h
 Surface  Etching  Etching
 AR  SiN  SiN
 Color  Blue  Blue
 Eff(%)  13.6-15  12.9-13.9
 Power  Pm(W)  3.4-3.6  3.1-3.4
 Max Power Current  LPM(A)  6.6-6.9  6.3-6.6
 Short Circuit Current  Isc(A)  7.1-7.5  6.8-7.1
 Max Power Voltage  Vpm(V)  0.5-0.51  0.5-0.51
 Open Circuit Voltage  Voc(V)  0.61-0.62  0.59-0.61


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